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This music is a teaser or the biggest troll in history

This music is a teaser or the biggest troll in history

Ahead of its conference on June 24, Microsoft continues to release Windows 11 leading us to the presentation of the Sun Valley.

By the end of June 2021, we know the future of Microsoft Windows The moment in the name of the Sun Fence. At the beginning of the month, that is The Windows 11 name has become a big option Should be the brand name of this new era at Microsoft. Very careful people are beginning to find many teasing elements that point to this name, and the most recent is the most specific.

Slow-fi remix of Windows startup sounds

The Windows YouTube channel released a bizarre new video on June 10th. It is a slow-fi remix of various startup sounds from Windows 95 to Windows 7. To create this video, Microsoft teams reduce these initial sounds to 4000 x.

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To find the teaser, just in time for the video you need to watch: Exactly 11 minutes. It does not take much for Windows Central and many other specialized sites to create the link: eleven minutes obviously like Windows 11. Yes, we like to play with the impatient at Microsoft. If we can pull this off by the hair, the video presentation and its results will be on the June 24 conference. The company describes its video as a way to wait and relax while waiting for the Windows event.

Expected update

Microsoft seems to have a lot of ambitions in this update, the last of which we have seen very little so far. Sun Valley needs to modify its interface to Windows, but not one The new Microsoft Store will no longer be open And Native xCloud integration For Xbox use.

We will meet on June 24 to find out what Microsoft’s promises are and the new system will be Windows 11.

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