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State exams of the first round: Download the candidate’s personal form template

The final state exams of the first cycle have begun or are in the early stages, until two years ago, with three writing tests and an interview with a very difficult setup, but it is not scary, but better adjustment to the need for a real assessment of possible speed and skills. A start-up is, in many cases, characterized by looking for information about the multiplication of activities to be undertaken by the school manager and the head of the selection commission.

Select in SinteAnd

Period / growth pattern

The exams will be held in person and must be completed by June 30. They will visit except when necessary to seek selection by video conference for express arrangements for epidemiological emergencies.

The need to join the final exam of the first cycle

Exemptions approved by teacher colleges for the validity of the year and generally associated with an epidemiological situation, illness, especially severe family problems, will require a minimum of three-quarters of an hour attendance per year.

Admission vote

The class council (section 6 paragraph 5 of the Legislative Order 62/2017) is said to have voted at the conclusion of the study of the third class. The grade for admission to the final exam of the first cycle is pronounced by the class committee in the tenth grade, which evaluates the overall academic path.

Certificate Skills

The certificate of competency is drawn up only during the final examination of the Class Council and is issued only to students who have passed the state examination, however, except that the certificate of competency is not issued to private students.

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What happens before the exam, and what to do?

Providing paper that is inevitably an original product consistent with the theme stated by the class council. Student and student work can be written in the form of instrumental production, multimedia presentation, drawing or drawings for students attending text, film, art or technology-practice or music courses. The paper would be desirable to cover one or more fields implemented by the research program of the participating company.

Teachers are called upon to guide and support students and alumni, and to ensure that they have taken steps to provide the sheet. Do not dwell on paper.

Exam Tests: Oral Interview

The Commission invites the candidate to submit a dissertation with particular attention to discovering skills related to Italian language, logic-mathematics and foreign languages.

An essential practical test of a musical instrument is scheduled for an exam aimed at music companies.

Final evaluation

The Selection Commission defines the evaluation criteria for the examination.

The Commission predicts that this will take place with the tenth referendum, based on the proposal of the Sub-Commission, obtained from the average and rounded to the higher unit by fractions equal to or greater than 0.5. Evaluation of admission vote and selection.

The final estimate, which is expressed with a score of ten to ten, can also be associated with c. Selection is made by unanimous discussion of the Commission with respect to the assessments obtained during the three-year academic career and the results of the examination.

Contact effect

The final and final results of the examination will be disclosed only at the end of the activities, with the indication of the final marks obtained, including the indication of the courses when issued by the Examination Commission, and, separately, for each class, only in the allotted area in the electronic class register.

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Exam Report Templates

While there are exam models for high school, at the cabinet level, there are no restrictions for lower schools. The minutes designed by USR Umbria are very relevant. They must be developed by the Technical Research Service of the Regional School Office for Umbria. Other Important Documents The State Comprehensive Institute “Don Milani – Alberti” was directed by Marigliano (na), the latter by the headmaster Professor Luigi Amado.

The personal form of the candidate should be completed during the examination

The personal form of the candidate includes the section dedicated to the school curriculum, final ballot 2020/21, admission judgment, admission grade, selection grade, results of the examination, and final results of the commission. Characteristic of Examinations Courses (For candidates who have secured 10/10 marks only.