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This is what happens if you take a screen shot of self-destructive photos on WhatsApp

This is what happens if you take a screen shot of self-destructive photos on WhatsApp

The innovation launched in recent days has been following what has already been possible for some time within apps like Snapshot and Instagram, but works in a slightly different way: recipients of these messages may actually receive the content of what was sent to them without receiving any notification.

Developers of Share Has recently introduced a long-awaited innovation within the application: the ability to send Self-destructive photos and videos As soon as seen. Innovation has been following the possibilities for some time now within apps like Snapshot and Instagram, but in reality it works in a slightly different way: the recipients of these messages They can actually record content Sent to them using screenshot and screen recording function – without sender No notification was received regarding this.

How temporary photos and videos work on WhatsApp

A few months after the launch Temporary chats that cancel themselves, WhatsApp managers have introduced another feature into the app borrowed from hostile sites like Telegram: photos and videos will be deleted from the recipient’s phone memory once they are received. The novelty was introduced a few days ago and you have to use it Press the button with the timer icon Developers have added to the WhatsApp interface that appears when sending one of these contents.

Security is very easy to avoid

Multimedia content sent in this way has the uniqueness of removing themselves from the recipient’s phone memory after use, but this does not make them an inherent infringement-source. Recipients can always use photos and videos with secondary but very simple tools Android and iOS operating systems now offer the standard: From capturing screen shots to recording video that appears on the screen.

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WhatsApp announcement

In protecting WhatsApp, it should be said that the introductory screen explains the function of self-destructive content Explains clearly Screen shots and secondary recordings are allowed and will not send notifications to recipients, but the alert will be ignored by less intelligent users. On the other hand, it is not clear why the developers did not try to implement it Basic notification system Recipients will at least notify the sender when copying the received content, encouraging them to take such action.

In short, sending important content on WhatsApp is one thing Bad idea. Compromising photos and videos should always be on the owner’s device only, and if sharing this thing becomes a real urgency, there are better sites to do so.