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This is my tradition!  Call to projects

This is my tradition! Call to projects

Since its creation, this surgery has been very successful. Each year, Priority Territories offers an opportunity to target urban policy, outdoor or rural audiences, discovering the diversity of traditions, along with demanding art training, fulfilling the purpose of the Generalization of Arts and Cultural Education (EAC).

This activity is carried out jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Regional Coordination and Relations with Local Authorities (Institute for National Regional Coordination) within the framework of common objectives for accessing culture to the most remote people. Art and culture and social cohesion.

Despite the impact of the health crisis, more than 55 heritage sites have been mobilized in the Isle of France in 2021, with programs involving education, auxiliary and cultural actors, and high turnout of citizens, once again testifying to success. Device.

The 2022 edition takes into account the diversity of regions, urban, suburban and rural areas, taking into account different art and different traditions (urban, intangible heritage, local rural heritage, Brownfields, for example) and aims to reach different audiences. Cultural practices (workshops on art practices, urban styles, photo reporting, use of video, radio, video games as a medium of mediation).

It tends to consolidate established timelines for the previous campaign:

  • Possibility to perform activities at all course times, on all school holidays (and not only in summer) or on rest days of the year (Wednesdays and Saturdays);
  • Highlighting the times for withdrawal of projects is open to all visitors, for example in connection with European Heritage Days.
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This is my tradition! Urban policy that is appreciated at the level of each region has always aimed at a minimum target of 60% of the youth from the priority districts.


The organization is co-ordinated nationally by the Ministry of Culture Exchange, Territories and the General Representative Committee for Cultural Democracy (DG2TDC) and the National Institute for Regional Coordination (ANCT).

At the regional level, Which is administered by the Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs of the Ile de France and the Regional Province

Process Specifications This is my tradition! 2022:

Application form should be sent before 12:00 noon on March 20, 2022.

Single submission of files via the “My Simplified Steps” operating system :

  • Application Form (to be attached when submitting to the “My Simplified Procedures” site) :

Download Application Form (Word and pdf)

Application Form- CMP 2022.docx

Document – 105 co


Application Form- CMP 2022.pdf

pdf –287 co



Projects selected structures undertake to enter information about their project within the allotted time so that the projects are promoted in the national communication environment. “C’est mon patrimoine!” Any interaction made by the organizers of the projects within the framework should state the national nature of the activity, use its logo, be based on the communication tools provided by the Ministry of Culture and specify national partnerships.