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OlliOlli World, Try -

OlliOlli World, Try –

We have come to the end of the path with almost 50,000 marks. It’s beautiful for us and we’re glad we did nothing wrong. After some tough tests, we finally feel that we understand how to play and, above all, how to make the best use of the game system. “It didn’t take long”, we repeat in our minds like a mantra, as if to convince ourselves that we have passed another test. Unfortunately ours is just an illusion. To find out if we have missed all the secondary objectives, we need to look at the race summary screen. Already from this description, we understand that the margin for improving our performance is very high. However, the global rankings make it a kind of abyss in which our pride inevitably falls: someone finished the path below 450,000 points. We are surprised because we are only in the first uprisings of the game, so only a few more players admit its secrets. How far can you go?

This is basically what we tried to understand by the second Tried by OlliOlli World, Caused a strange tremor in the fingers after putting down the controller and the desire to continue playing.


OlliOlli World is a happy game

In a previous article dedicated to OlliOlli World, which contained more accurate information, we approached the game from the point of view of its basic dynamics. At the time it seemed to us already a very refined experience, only a part of what actually seemed like the final version.

The Mechanics The foundation is obvious, but the overall work has taken on another consistency. The real beauty of the title of Roll 7 is the distance between a well-played game and a great game, i.e. there is a call for improvement and it is not satisfied to come only at the end of the tracks. In the scores and diversified control system, gradually more and more advanced evolutions are achieved through the controller, which transforms us into skateboard masters.

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The game is set on the island of Radlandia, where the selection to find the new Skate God is underway, which will act as a mediator between the Skaters and the gods who created the island, known as the Utopia of Skateboard. . All of this translates into a journey through the five biomes that make up this strange space, each filled with all sorts of rounds dedicated to skaters. In terms of the game, it translates to a series of races played in a row, where the goal is to finish with the best score.

As already mentioned the control system master is instantaneous, but in reality it allows you to play at different skill levels. The first hour player will be satisfied with learning how to accelerate and perform some basic stunts. The most eager user will begin to read the control system seriously, to discover advanced tricks and best combinations in each channel. Finally, the most dedicated player can make the right evolutions and increase the points earned. From this perspective, OlliOlli World is truly amazing, so you can be satisfied at any level.

The visuals are simple, but make a huge impact
The visuals are simple, but make a huge impact

But how does it work, you may wonder? In fact the explanation is very simple: the character automatically advances on the track, giving the player different inputs to increase speed, change trajectories and perform different tricks while grinding or while in flight. There is such a rhythm in everything that when you create a path without falling from the beginning to the end (there are always checkpoints, so never start again), it looks like you have seen some kind of dance show.

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Map of the island
Map of the island

In its dynamics, the title Roll 7 He knows how to give us a pleasure that we do not hesitate to define aesthetics, which in itself bears the charm of being a sport and significantly increases engagement. Cartoon graphic style certainly keeps its own, as well as the presence of wacky and colorful characters, the possibilities of making it even more important, but it needs the fluidity of racing, which is designed with great care to achieve this goal. Determine an experience deeply and satisfactorily and at the same time relaxed in a certain sense. We face the happy and joyful title, which gives a glimpse of the teachers ’interest in the subject from every pixel.


OlliOlli World has many additional features
OlliOlli World has many additional features

However, in addition to explaining what OlliOlli World promises with its gamble, we also see some small but still interesting features of the game, which comes with many more. Extra. We start with the character editor, which really allows you to engage with your avatar, its appearance and parts can be changed. Considering that you get extra items by winning races, you will understand that you often turn to the editor during the game, just to see what you win. When it comes to the flop, I have to say that in addition to royal races, there are some very tough challenges to overcome to get points and other items. In short, between regular and extra matches, a lot has to be done considering the very replicability factor. Let’s see if the final version will deliver on all of these promises. It will not take long to find out as Ollioli World will be released on February 8, 2022 i.e. within a month.

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OlliOlli World’s second road test has strengthened our belief that it is a great game, full of dynamics and interesting innovations that will attract skateboard enthusiasts looking for something new, but not only that. In general, I have to say that the structure we approached did not show any major errors or uncertainties, it seemed to us to be an almost definitive version (actually it is). Fortunately, the final version is too low to run, so we know if our posts will be confirmed or if they will be rejected in a sensational way.