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This is enough to remove the Joy-con drift ... card piece, video

This is enough to remove the Joy-con drift … card piece, video

The Joy-Con Drift problem is evident on the side of everyone from Nintendo management to the “simple” gamer. As we pointed out to you a few days ago, everything says that future buyers of the Nintendo Switch LED will also be concerned. Although the console builder is reluctant to fix the situation, a newcomer to the YouTube world says he has found a way to fix the problem. His solution is everyone’s door.

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The work of Macy’s WireScore Video YouTuber of the day “Victorstock“From the chain”VK ChannelThe latter, who introduces himself as a developer of emerging video games, released a video in which he claims to present a solution to Joy-Con Drift’s problem in a definite way.

In his video, he shows that applying pressure next to the area of ​​the stick affected by the problem, for example with his hand, makes the stick disappear. Therefore, The solution to removing Joy-Con Drift is to find a way to apply adequate pressure to the affected area..

And believe “VictorstockYou do not have to be a soldering iron to fix the problem. He says it is sufficient to place a small square card (or a piece of business card) involving Joy-con under the metal support of the defective stick with a thickness of 1 mm..

The whole box?

The videographer explains that this metal support holds the joy-con stick well when the controller is new. But over time, and with repeated pressing on the stick, the metal softens and moves away from the same stick. According to him, Nintendo could add a small screw to permanently maintain contact between the two parts. But while Kyoto is waiting for a solution to the Joy-con drift problem, its organization is fulfilling its purpose.

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Always step “Victorstock, “Its repair seems to have stalled. He says the slide has not yet returned, even after two months of adding small pieces of cardboard with his false joy-con.

For those who do not follow everything, Joy-con Drift is an unofficial name, a problem that usually affects the left Joy-con of the console. More specifically, this concern takes the form of a left joystick, which “moves automatically” and makes the games and console interface unusable. To date, there have been numerous lawsuits filed against Nintendo around the world over this failure.

What do you say about the “Victorstack” solution? Are you going to try to use it in your Joy-Con? Why didn’t Nintendo solve the problem once? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.