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The Long Gate für Nintendo Switch im Test

Long Cat in Trial: Steampunk Puzzle with Electrical Engineering Twist

Longgate is a PC port that is now also available for the Nintendo Switch. The title presents itself as a puzzle adventure from a first-person perspective, similar to what we know from games like The Witness or the mega-hit portal. The latter is particularly reminiscent of “Long Cat”, at least in terms of its presentation. We saw how the title works on the Nintendo Switch!

who are you? Where are you from? Don’t know, let’s climb the tower!

You do not always need a sophisticated story, it is better to avoid this with a well-known plan: you play a character in The Long Cat who knows nothing about you or your appearance. However, you quickly notice that you are trapped in a tower, where at each level a new puzzle awaits, and it appears that you have to climb into it.

From a first-person perspective, you are handling a futuristic device – similar to the one on the portal – however, you can handle objects and activate switches through telekinesis. Text passages engraved on the floor, give small notes of where to go. The puzzle system is reminiscent of electronic connections with resistors, where you have to cross the elevator current that leads to other levels.

So not much history, but not that bad either. The mysterious basic concept speaks for itself and invites you to walk away from the presentation alone. Puzzles go on and on and the difficulty increases in crisp places. So you sometimes have to solve puzzles by calculating binary systems, which at one point are integrated with the physical puzzles of the environment, thus ensuring a greater amount of difficulty. The game is clearly built with a bright mind, but this challenge is what makes it so appealing!

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However, you really have to be a certain type of puzzle player: in. Because you can clearly see Long Gate’s preference for electrical engineering. It is about resistance and the management of energy resources. You handle “+” and “-” and lots and zeros to get a lot more complex and mechanistic. It can

Strong, graphic steampunk design with minor, technical issues

Graphically, Longgate manifested itself most sophisticatedly in the experiment. The steampunk look is welcome and reminiscent of many varieties. Mysterious future device and some lessons in the game (you will recognize them) may have appeared straight from the portal. With machine puzzles, you go your own way. Here, more or less realistic physics is sometimes required, but it works well.

One notices the exchanges in the title for the Nintendo Switch. The low resolution ensures that the clear edge is illuminated and the distant view looks very blurry from the first few meters. Long Gate is not an open world title, but takes place in a mysterious tower, but already has one or another spacious area. The pop-ins of the systems and the presentation in general, though very mysterious and futuristic, seem very sterile and “clean”.

However, the performance is very consistent. Six-year-old Nvidia Tegra X1 can’t stop jerks. It stumbles from time to time, but since The Long Cat is not a “fast paced” topic, I do not see the small frame rate drop as a big problem. However, the graphics are very muddy and those who like good looks will be surprised at times.

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Conclusion: Strong puzzle game for special puzzle friends with switch weaknesses

First of all, the biggest compliment: Longgate, at least according to the description, was set up by a developer and the little indie game is absolutely great! However, the puzzles do not apply to all people, but the developer sprays a lot of clues on an easy level to show how everything works. If you happen to work in electrical or digital technology, Longgate should be crisp and entertaining fun!

But it goes that way too: Nintendo doesn’t like the switch game. The optics are very vulnerable to the weak tegra processor and the vision is a disaster because everything really looks so blurry. Longgate struggles with minor performance issues on the Nintendo hybrid console. The title is nice but you have to put up with it somehow.

However, this game is available for Apple and Egg on the Nintendo ESHAP. On or 17.60 SFr. Long Cat and if you like to play puzzle games and want to play something exotic in this format, you can definitely find it here. Unless other minor restrictions bother you, of course.