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This breathtaking photo of the moon was taken from Earth!

This breathtaking photo of the moon was taken from Earth!

Very sharp pictures Lunar surface, The Astronomers Keep them. What makes this an exception is that it was taken from the surface of the earth. It took two years of work Researchers National Radio Astronomy Laboratory (NRAO, United States) Create the technology to be able to create this extraordinary image.

We found out Apollo 15 lunar landing site In the middle, a Scar Remaining channel by past volcanic activity. Near this scar, a ditch four miles in diameter, Hadley c.

In the look of this incredible film, there is Green Bank Telescope, The largest Radiodeloscope Founded in the world, founded in the United States. It is fitted with a transmitter that allows a radar signal to be sent into space. This signal is reflected on the surface நிலா Retrieved by Very long basic queue (VLPA) This created the image in question. You can notice the details up to five meters in it!

The ambition of the researchers: to further improve the process of accessing imagesUranus and Neptune.

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