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Change the sound while charging your iPhone

Change the sound while charging your iPhone

Today we bring you one of those tricks that most users are not aware of. Thanks to the use of shortcuts, we can Change the sound our iPhone emits when connected to the charger, Or leave it on a wireless basis.

Different iPhone chargersCharge iPhone

We will tell you the steps to follow Keep a song or sound while charging your iPhone. Putting a song together is very easy, but having any other sound ability is very interesting. For this reason, we will explain one of two options.

Play a song when your iPhone starts charging

The use of shortcuts is a blessing that allows us to do Interesting things, Many of them automatically. If you want to put a song, you do not have to download anything, configure an automation as we say below.

Find out more: Enter the 7 Essential and Little-Known Shortcuts app to use if you have an iPhone Shortcuts Select Automatic In the lower part. In the upper right, click on the icon “+”. Press now Create personal automation. Scroll down and press Charger. To choose He is attached Click As follows.

Change the sound while charging your iPhoneGetting Started by Creating Plate Automation Add Action> Applications> Music. Press Music to music. Press now Blue box It keeps the music.
Select a song What do you like it to be like? Press finally As follows, Disable request confirmation switch Press OK.

Change the sound while charging your iPhoneChoose your favorite song

This way, every time you connect the iPhone to the charger or drop it on the wireless charging site, This song will start playing. You can select any audio file you have in your music library and add it to the library.

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Turn on any sound when your iPhone starts charging

Another interesting option Turn on any sound You will love it when your iPhone starts charging, but the process is a bit complicated, however following the step-by-step instructions will not be a problem for you.

Download sound on MP3 on your iPhone Save it to files, you can do it from iPhone. Download this shortcut and add it to the app. If you do not know how we recommend this tutorial. Now you need to download this other shortcut. This shortcut encrypts the sound to the Base64 text. Click on it and select the downloaded audio. Click 3 points from the first shortcut, Play Sound, Change it. To touch Inside the text box, Select all Destroy it. Now hold and press Dough. Click the To Play Sound shortcut Check it out.

Change the sound while charging your iPhone 2You need to use these two shortcuts and then build automation

Once you have created this shortcut, you should do so Create automation as before. However, instead of pressing play music, Find the Run Shortcut and select the Play Sound Shortcut We have created. If you like cool sound, I recommend downloading it, the iPhone would have done this when connected to the Airbnb site.