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Fall Guys

The Ultimate Knock Out Nintendo Switch

Not surprisingly, Nintendo Direct opens tonight with the announcement and presentation of new content Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Taken directly Genoplate Chronicles2. The rest was a little less predictable because it turned out Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out To be entitled to his short time. Unexpected title on the switch immediately!

Players listen, players get!

This is an established fact, Fall guys And Within us There have been real revelations in the multiplayer scene in recent months. But then, while the second quickly adapted to its unexpected success and was published in several media outlets, the first was long satisfied. PC and PlayStation 4. Of course, because the title is such a big fun feature, many players believed it would land on other media, including Switch.

You will understand, this will be done later in the year. The title actually delivers a visit to the Big N’s hybrid console. However, since the release has not been dated yet, it is necessary to be patient. However, this should happen during Summer 2021. Other information should reach us within it, in the meantime we should be satisfied Court trailer You can see above.

See you this summer to play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knock Out sur Nintendo Switch.

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