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Nintendo Player |  Nintendo Direct: Bold has released the final trailer for Default II

Nintendo Player | Nintendo Direct: Bold has released the final trailer for Default II

During an organized streaming event Nintendo, Returns to show itself Bold Default II Dedicated to the title with an unpublished image.

Nintendo When released Nintendo Live A few minutes ago a new trailer was dedicated Bold Default II, The new chapter of the next series February 26, 2021 Exclusively Nintendo Switch e Nintendo Switch Light. This is the final trailer that reveals more information about the main story, so be aware that it contains spoilers about the game.

Join the Heroes of Light in their extraordinary quest to restore the balance of the world in BRAVELY DEFAULT II Nintendo Switch!

Guide your fellow travelers through five areas in an effort to bring the crystals back to their proper home. Use the asterisks to unlock classes and abilities, allowing them to take on all sorts of monsters and use bold and default commands to manage the subtle balance between danger and reward!

The world is in great danger. Floods, rising temperatures, runaway nature: The theft of crystals endangers all living things! But hope dies last: the Knights of Light, the four most famous warriors, have the ability to restore balance between elements.

Join the protagonist Seth and his friends Gloria, Elvis and Adele on a journey through the bustling part of Excellence. Use the combined abilities of their powers to defeat the enemies who stole the crystals and solve the chaos that threatens to destroy the world!


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