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The trailer is old, but the voice of Patches for a leak -

The trailer is old, but the voice of Patches for a leak –

Langki Pang Pong is best known for being the publisher of a concept art Elton Ring Last December. Now that a new video of the software project from Software has been released, the Chinese leaked trailer may have revealed most of the details. According to him, the leaked one Old movie One of those montages used locally to enhance the progress of the game, the mission. However, what you hear is voice Reefs, One of the continuous characters of souls. So, it is a wonder whether it will return in this new game as well.

Apparently, everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, and Bandai Namco is waiting to reveal the game. It is rumored that Nintendo will be able to do so during the Direct-style event Next.

How long Langki Pang Pong He says he knows the leaked trailer is too old, maybe even from 2019. This is a video for internal use, which was used to deliver the game to affiliate suppliers, and the end result will be very different from what is seen in the pictures.

The narrating voice is a non-player character, however, the voice shares with the actor Reefs, Continuous writing from software legends. Does he also appear in the Elton Ring?

According to Langki Pangpong, the vast tree that can be seen is found only in one kingdom and does not act as a glue between different regions, for example, in the battle of God. Various Kingdoms will be themed: The fort is in one kingdom and the snow scene is in another. The character hidden in the night is similar to King Santos.

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There will be many tips Myth: The green man of the giant Celts pulling the toad, while the giant head represents Norman’s Mesfelshimer. Finally, the appearance of the bosses should not change as the bosses and maps are first designed from the software and then the player and other characters are created. Changeable is their positioning and some game dynamics.

Mysterious Elton Ring, in a trailer scene