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PlayStation VR for PS5, Sony Patented Banana Controllers - Nerdu 4. Life

PlayStation VR for PS5, Sony Patented Banana Controllers – Nerdu 4. Life

New PlayStation VR Per PS5 Some can be used Banana Come on Controller. Absurd? If you look at the patent that Sony recently filed, no.

PlayStation VR bananas for PS5 can be used as a controller.

Officially announced a few days ago, the PlayStation VR for PS5 will now try to test various solutions to get started, and try the path of common objects that need to be scanned and detected in the virtual environment. The Games.

Similar to bananas Chaos blades of Kratos, Above all, or two guns. According to the patent, the technology of the new PlayStation VR can be used on any passive, lightless object held by the user.

The computer will actually take care of scanning the questionable objects and take the theory Toys first life But without the need for compatible and measured devices.

Sadoru Iwada already understood everything.
Sadoru Iwada already understood everything.

In short, on paper it is a solution that is compatible with the high simplicity and instantaneity of the new PlayStation VR: single cable and the possibility of using anything to simulate Steering, Pistol, Hoe And watnat instead of buying expensive parts.

Of course Nothing has been officially established yet, As we all know, we have analyzed over time dozens and dozens of patents that do not function in an actual product form.

So Sony can follow suit too Regular roadHowever, as another document shows, it comes from last November and describes a couple form and function Controller.

Possible controller under Sony patented PlayStation VR for PS5.
Possible controller under Sony patented PlayStation VR for PS5.

In this case we are coming back to what we have already seen with other VR viewers, so instead of the big “bulbs” moving two devices with small LED panels, Adaptive triggers Such as dualSense and haptic feedback system.

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The presence of sensors for Motion detection It also indicates the possibility of having features similar to the valve indicator for the position of the fingers.

What will Sony choose to do? Patents refer to two possible paths, but they do not apply: it may be decided to follow these two technologies in order to give users a certain level of freedom for the new PlayStation VR. We will see.