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tomb raider square enix anniversaire

The Tomb Raider trilogy is available for free

Epic Games has decided to hit hard later this year by offering its users the Tomb Raider trilogy for free.

Two weeks ago Epic Games provided their own Advent Calendar By offering one game a day to the users of its store. Two weeks later, the studio releases the last delivered title and players may be surprised. It’s not one, not two, but three games are now available for free until January 6th. This is the Tomb Raider collection from Reboot.

So the first topic Tomb Rider Game of the Year Edition, Second Shadow of the solid version of Tom Ryder, And the third Rise of the Tomb Rider: 20 year celebration. In all three games, you follow the adventures of Laura Croft, which is completely revised compared to the first games. For all fans of franchise, the resume is already a classic of the genre, as it respects not only the heroine’s adventurous personality, but also her story, her appearance and her fighting spirit.

Editions provided by Epic Games have DLC, so you have hours of game time before you get bored. However, they are only compatible with Windows devices, and for Macs you will need to turn to other resellers. To get the Epic Games version, go to the store, click “Play for free” and download the title (s) you like.

The next game is still a week away

As the regulars at the Epic Games Store know, every Thursday the company offers a game for free to its users. With the gift of the trilogy Tomb Rider, This custom restarts a normal rhythm, so the next free game will be available from January 6th. This The gods will fall, An adventure game released in January 2021 in which you play as “the last hope of humanity”. You must free her from the clutches of the terrible gods who have ruled the earth for so long. In total, you must defeat 8 ruthless warriors to cross the Divine Zones.

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