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Remember the bully? We have information on its continuation

If the Rockstar Games had not decided otherwise, the Bully Game sequel would have been released a few years ago.

Those who spent their childhood or adolescence in the 2000s still remember the video game Bully, Also called Canis Canem edit In some countries. Released in 2006, this action-adventure game puts you in the shoes of a young teenager named Jimmy Hopkins, who tries to find a place among a group of many friends at school, each of whom is more terrible than the other … like him in everything. At the time, rumors were circulating about the continuation of the game, and it did not appear in the end.

Still, she was good at growth! Former employees of a studio Rockstar Has recently released some information on the long-awaited sequel. Bully 2 Rockstar was actually in production inside the New England studio, which took command of the title from Rockstar Vancouver. The impressive success of the first game seems to have prompted Rockstar to become the owner of the game.

The studio wants to be the loving kind of rockstar, but at the time it was so hard when Rockstar North was producing all the golden eggs. Living in the shadow of someone who casts a long shadow like Rockstar North and trying to usurp that role is very difficult and almost impossible. But alas, they tried.

Concern for priority

However, at the time, the publisher was on several projects at once, some of which came to crush Bully 2. We are talking here. From Maximum pain3 Or even Red dead recovery Name first, One of the company’s masterpieces. In 2009, the project was abandoned and Bully’s sequel was never put back on the carpet. One of the developers explains:

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That would be so awesome. What we had was amazing, especially considering the very short time we worked on it. It would have been so personal, so interesting, definitely so much fun. We have worked on many interesting mechanics that are not yet present in other games. .

A recovery that is not unanimous

In addition to publishing details about its sequel Bully, Developers have testified to working conditions under Rockstar’s supervision, because, in fact, the studio never worked under this “valuable” name. Prior to its acquisition by the publisher, the studio was called Mad Doc Software. At the time of purchase, employees gradually saw the emergence of more dangerous working conditions, especially during the crisis, an attempt period in the development of a game.

This concern was also one of the factors that prompted the studio to abandon growth Bully 2, About 10% of the studio’s total staff leave in addition to the waves of layoffs. The rest was allocated little by little to other projects. However, this does not mean that a sequel will not be included in the Rockstar Games program. A formal resumption, even in the form of a resume, will have the potential to resume ownership.