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The switch is terrible for retro games

The switch is terrible for retro games

Fans are dissatisfied with the support for retro games in Switzerland. Image Source: Getty Images / Photography

Nintendo fans will want to play a lot more games on the switch. However, there are complaints that the Japanese video game company Retro Classics is having a hard time getting their hands on it.

Nintendo fans love more retro games on the switch

Switch already has some great games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. However, fans will love it too Classic from old Nintendo consoles Give it a try. At Reddit, the user SCB360 explains that it should be a hybrid console based on the Xbox Series X.

He can play every Hollow again before Hollow Infinite appears. To update Samos Aran’s adventure before releasing the Metro Fear, he must replace it Buy old consoles and handhelds. He concludes that it should be easier to buy old games digitally by 2021.

Many fans have relied on prototypes for the Nintendo Classics

This post has now received over 13,000 watts on Reddit. In the comments, fans are frustrated that Nintendo does not seem to want to sell its own games. User It started Writes that he does not understand Why not have a virtual console for the switchLet’s play old games. It will be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Other users agree with what they do Use prototypes for this reason. Thundahcaxzd writes For example, since the Nintendo games are no longer sold, he does not feel bad about it. Also, second hand purchases do not support original developers anyway.

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Test your pixel knowledge!

Fans like to play old games on the switch, but Nintendo won’t let them. Which retro classic do you want to see on the hybrid console? Visit our Facebook page Write it to us in the comments.