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Game of Life has announced a version dedicated to Super Mario

Hasbro e Nintendo Has teamed up to bring the world of Super Mario into the classic board game Game of Life. In Super Mario Edition You will have the opportunity to enter the Mushroom Kingdom and impersonate one of the four available tokens: Mario, Luigi, Peach e Yoshi.

Board Game The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition, where players (such as Mario, Luigi, Beach or Yoshi) travel to Bowser Castle via the Mushroom Kingdom, where they must defeat him by turning the wheel! Moving through the gaps on the board, players will collect coins and various items and play fun mini-games along the way. As the soldiers get closer to Bowser’s castle, they get stars to gain power for the battle; For each star they add 1 point to the result obtained with the wheel. To defeat Bowser and win the game, players must spin the wheel and score more than 12 points.

Inspired by Super Mario: This edition of The Game of Life features characters, artwork, illustrations and gameplay inspired by the Super Mario video game

Go to the realm of mushrooms: Players cross the board as Mario, Luigi, Peach or Yoshi. Everyone chooses their own path and which areas to explore as they pass through the Mushroom Kingdom

Fight against Bowser: Unlike the classic board game The Game of Life, this version does not have money and pensions. The main objective of the game is to defeat Bowser

Mini-games and stars: Use coins to buy stars and get an edge in the battle against Bowser. Challenge other players in fun mini-games to win prizes and items

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A fun social game: Life Game: Super Mario Edition is the best choice for family games, and it is a fun activity to do at home, for ages 8 and over, 2-4 players

Game of Life: Super Mario Edition Available August 1 from select retailers. A perfect gift for all fans Nintendo And the most famous plumber in the world.