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The SpaceX Starship rocket test flight failed again

The SpaceX Starship rocket test flight failed again

After three failed attempts, the new prototype Starship Rocket Elon Musk, the company’s founder, confirmed on Twitter that SpaceX crashed again during a test on Tuesday.

“Something important happened”, At the time of landing, he tweeted. “We need to know what it is when we can reconsider the pieces later today.”, Elon Musk jokingly said: “At least the groove is in the right place!”.

The SN11 rocket was launched from South Texas at 1:00 p.m. In his descent, the video was interrupted. “We lost the clock in T plus 5 minutes 49 seconds”SpaceX commentator John Insprucker notes the time of departure of the aircraft. “Looks like we had another awesome test from No. 11 Starship”, He added, curls.

Fourth attempt

SN11 is the 11th prototype of the starship rocket, which SpaceX hopes will one day be able to launch with those aboard the moon, Mars and beyond. This is the 4th prototype and attempts to return to the ground for a smooth vertical landing. SN8 and SN9 were launched in December and January, respectively, but crashed and exploded, while SN10 was able to land on March 3, but exploded a few minutes later.

Despite these failures, according to experts, SpaceX is accumulating valuable data that will allow it to accelerate the development of its space program. Eventually, SpaceX plans to combine its starship spacecraft with its super heavy rocket, which will create a completely reusable engine. The final version of the rocket will rise to a height of 120 meters and can carry 100 tons of cargo into Earth orbit, thus giving it the title of the most powerful missile vehicle ever.

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