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The space capsule crew gets a new parking space at Dragon ISS

The space capsule crew gets a new parking space at Dragon ISS

The end of the Crew 1 mission is near. (Photo: SpaceX)

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Space enthusiasts should watch the NASA channel on YouTube on Easter Monday. At noon, the Crew Dragon space capsule was launched by ISS to accommodate newcomers.

It is scheduled to begin at 12:29 pm on Monday, April 5, 2021. The Space-X space capsule should lead to the crew dragon retreat. Because by the end of April, more astronauts will have landed at the International Space Station ISS. New solar panels are also expected in the summer.

NASA broadcast the process live on YouTube

The maneuver was carried out by NASA from 12 noon onwards. Re-parking is often automated, but a team of four will monitor the process directly on the capsule. This way, the astronauts can intervene manually in case of a problem.

Astronaut Mike Hopkins has already shown a photo of him and his colleagues trying. By the end of April, the so-called Crew-1 team should return to Earth and be replaced by Crew-2.

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Crew-2 is scheduled to take off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday, April 22, with SpaceX’s Dragon Endeavor crew for ISS. This time, European space agency ESA astronaut Thomas Baskett will also be there.

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