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Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom, Review

Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom, Review

Indestructible Phoenix Rising’s Second DLC: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom also arrive at record time. We fly to China for a more subdued but always successful adventure

Two months after the first DLC, comes the second additional content of the immortals, completely dedicated to Olympus: Phoenix Rising. The title is already a clear indication of the change in the system: the myths of the Eastern Kingdom take us back to China, somewhat re-proposing the atmospheres and the problems experienced in the original plot. The adventure that takes you between five to ten hours depending on how much you want to complete the event completely, regains the same stylistic features of the original, sometimes even going too far and creating a certain sense of decor. -vú. Let’s see in more detail in Criticism of the Immortals Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom.

With seriousness from China

Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: The island in its splendor

கு The default protagonist of this adventure. Unlike Phoenix, the player is modeled to his liking and whose gender he or she determines has a pre-determined look by the development team. Unlike the original and the first DLC, these myths of the Eastern Kingdom were created Ubisoft’s Chengdu, Ubisoft is one of the fastest growing companies in Quebec at the same time.

Awakened on the island Peng Lai, Gu sees himself as the only survivor of some force that has intimidated all other human beings, recalls with a song, bringing him into the presence of the Nua deity who created mankind. The two will join forces to repair the tears in the sky that opened the crack towards Tian. If you do not mind a strange itch, you have no place, simply the myths of the Eastern Kingdom reflect the almost addictive re-proposition of the Phoenix experience, although it has been translated Oriental environment, With a low-minded tone and more than half the size.

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Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: The Only Survivor
Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: The Only Survivor

All of these topics will be enough to bury any topic, if Immortals Phoenix Rising had been so delicious, this time we would have had fun again, glad to go to a simple but interesting level Puzzle, Collide with mythical creatures – of course Oriental – and try to solve the cosmic damage of the greatest proportions.

Unfortunately less work and precisely to suggest different story ability of both teams The tone of the story. Last December we were excited, our hearts were laughing, we always knew the purpose of the production, but we were still amazed at its ability to create very funny images. On the other hand, the myths of the Eastern Kingdom are so bland, paradoxically limited, and aimed at taking itself too seriously, an element we do not really appreciate, that led us to dislike the protagonists of the story, because we wanted to Bad longevity.

The game does not change

Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: Meets Gu Nua
Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: Meets Gu Nua

For Sports, The myths of the Eastern Kingdom find nothing, at most modifying certain elements for the transformation of the system, but leaving everything as it is, even in attitude and events.

During your island tour you will find some original ideas, maybe some new type of puzzles (one of which is very similar to the old mosaic) and different creatures by the power of different creatures. But what you experience is always the same kind of rejuvenation Lack of originality A group change seems to have done more harm than good.

Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: China and Its Atmospheres
Indestructible Phoenix Rising: Myths of the Eastern Kingdom: China and Its Atmospheres

The war system returns to the forefront of production. Never too hard, never dramatically increasing the level of difficulty and putting it back in front of a series Divine powers Compatibility. These reflect the stylistic features of the past, bringing back the opportunity to use consumer goods from the original, which disappeared with the first DLC for reasons to balance the experience. Enemies. Strictly speaking there is one thing Completely new dynamics, Which is nothing but a classic wrath bar, which will be charged during battle, and which may be released by greatly enhancing our divine powers.

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Ku takes a few minutes to catch his wings and powers, thus burning times and allowing the player to familiarize himself with a game already known in the shortest possible time. This detail certainly helps to digest a structure that is as bad as in the past, gives free control to the study and is minimally defined Training And the development of one’s abilities. However, there is a forge Main center And also through it life, endurance, medicines and your equipment, spending materials and collecting helenic land-transforming stones. There is nothing new under the sun with all the good and bad that this detail can bring as a dowry.


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The myths of the Eastern Kingdom do not undertake to change anything, what this means. Indestructible Phoenix Rising was one of last season’s biggest surprises. For this reason, Ubisoft’s Chengdu wanted to pay their own tribute to China without distorting the best works of their Canadian counterparts. More or less everything will work where you are ready to enjoy the total and greatly reduced resk of the original game. However, unfortunately, we can not hide the fact that we would have expected some more surprises, and that the mood of the story takes itself very seriously, and that the realization of Oriental art is less successful and unsolvable than we would like. A fun pastime for those who love the immortal yet. Unforgettable DLC for everyone else is waiting to find the latest content to be released.

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  • It is immortal and enough to be happy
  • New cryptos are always well designed
  • The change in the system brings new life …


  • … but it has less impact than we expected
  • The more intense tone works loosely
  • Short and basically identical to the original