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The skin-hating paycheck hated by fans will be replaced -

The skin-hating paycheck hated by fans will be replaced –

Recently players Fortnight They complained about the presence of customizable leather within the Battle Royale, which allows you to create your own Completely black character And, as a result, is almost invisible in some contexts. Implicitly though, it is rendeva la skin “Win money”, Which gave an advantage to the players who paid to buy it. Now, Epic Games has promised to resolve the matter.

You can see Some examples of the benefits of this skin in the tweet Is below. As it is written in the tweet, console players cannot remove shadows, so they have no way to snatch the benefit of the skin from enemies. Players flooded into Reddit and other social media to listen to Epic Games to resolve the matter. Then the account of the official epic staff responded to it Team “is taking care of it” And thanks to everyone who reported the issue.

Unfortunately, this does not tell us when the problem will be solved and, above all, in what way. It can be epic, as it binds to the skin that players regularly buy Users are forced to pay back, Following the product change they purchased.

Now you can do nothing but wait for new information from Epic Games itself. We also point out that a bug within the Fortnight Crew prevents you from getting V-Bucks.

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