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Tetris mourns death of sports legend and legend Jonas Newbury - Nert 4.Life

Tetris mourns death of sports legend and legend Jonas Newbury – Nert 4.Life

‘S large community Tetris Attacked by the news Death of Jonas Newpour, Many times Sample A true legend among the game world and the most passionate players.

There is no official and accurate information on this yet, but the disappearance of Newbur seems to be earlier. January 4, Following a sudden unspecified “medical emergency”, for the time being. The player was 39 years old News of the death was posted on Twitter through his official account and the Tetris Championship, the highest international competition dedicated to the popular puzzle game.

“We are shocked to share the fact that seven-time CDWC Champion Jonas Newbour died suddenly on January 4,” the report reads. Tetris Championship, “We could not have asked for a great champion, role model and friend.”

Me too ‘Official account Tetris recalls the player on Twitter, commenting on the importance Newbury has achieved within the larger community dedicated to the game in question: “This is a Great loss In many perspectives. Jonas Newbur was one of the greatest classic Tetris players of all time, in terms of talent, ingenuity and grace “, reads the message from the Tetris account and then conveys his condolences to family and friends.

In addition to participating in (winning) several official events and championships, Newbour also hosts various streams dedicated to Tetris, interacting with the community through his channel Traction “Drink Nubins”.

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