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The second sale of the first round starts today!

The second sale of the first round starts today!

Brickling Designer Program Cover 1 3

Update (9:10 pm): We asked for the latest numbers from Brickling so that we can get an overview of how many boxes are not already in stock. The boat is relatively fast, the other sets are very relaxed …

With a single click on the links, one of the sets will land directly on your shopping cart at the Lego online store:

Update (9:00 pm): The second pre-sale of the first round of the Brickling Designer project has just begun! This is the last chance to get four packages live. Sets with the following links will land directly at the Lego online store in your shopping cart:

A customer can only add one set to a shopping cart! However, sets ordered in the first round can also be ordered now. However, it is quite possible that Lego will cancel these orders.

Original contribution (August 3, 11:00 am): Today the BrickLink designer project continues into 2021. Four sets will be on sale again from the first round from 9am. Here is all the information you need to know about PTP sales today!

At BDP, fan models are group-funded and then manufactured by BrickLink with original LEGO components. We have how BDP generally works Overview of the BrickLink Designer Project Explained.

Second attempt of the first round

Today is August 3 At 21 The second installment of the first round of the BrickLink Designer program begins with 4 sets.

The first round of the Brickling Designer project began on July 1 and was thwarted by the onslaught of fans. There were packages from the project BrickLink needs more than expected Was The first models were sold out a few hours later. Then there was Some reviews on the beginning of PDP, BrickLink reacted immediately and sought solutions. One of the changes is the start of sales today, otherwise you can re-order four PDP sets that have already been sold.

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5000 copies of each PDP package have already been sold and are now coming out More than 5000 copies For four projects: The best fishing boat, The sheriff’s safe, காகபோ And Searching for the plane. Unfortunately, the Fortress in the Jungle is not going back for sale because many copies have already been sold due to a technical error.

Sold out quickly again?

Starts early This morning at 9 p.m. But we think BDP packages will not be in stock at any time. On the one hand, the crowdfunding phase is over, i.e., all four sets are made anyway, no more betting. In addition, 5,000 pieces have already been sold, which means initial demand has been satisfied. On the other hand, in response to criticism, BrickLink has embraced it as well Only 1 copy of each package For every customer Buy and not 5 pieces like before.

Nevertheless, we recommend ordering 5000 copies in advance rather than late, as there will definitely be no top-ups anymore! So this is the last chance to get the first round BDP 2021 sets directly.

Prices and links for BDP packages

Here are 4 plans that can be pre-ordered again from 9am. You can find detailed presentations of the collections with all pictures BrickLink Designer Program Page.

Sets for the Brickling Designer Program 2021 are sold through the Lego online store, but simply cannot be added to the shopping cart there. This is done via Bricklink, so you can use your utility BrickLink account To register.

These links will take you to the BrickLink product page:

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BDP packages are not currently listed on the LEGO online store again. Once this happens, we will add links here that will place the sets directly in your shopping cart.

Shipping, Packaging & Payment

The PDP set will be 2021 Free from Europe Sent to you. There is no exact shipping date yet, but since it has already been mentioned when sales will start from January 2022, it may be after this version in 2022. The sets are packed in a special box, but more details about this are unknown.

You can pay all the payment options offered and paid by the Lego online store Lego got VIP points And used to purchase. PTP orders are not included for free gifts.

Our tips for ordering

  • Look at the sets before 9pm and decide what you want to order
  • Sign up for the BrickLink and LEGO online store
  • Try your luck from 9am. It is better to order sooner than later.
  • Keep up the Stone Wars Stone Wars Telegram Newsletter In view. We will be back with a pre-sale start

Survey: Which BDP package do you order?

In the second case we are interested in whether you want to buy one or more PDP sets. Please respond to this short survey:

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When will Round 2 come out?

Those waiting for rounds 2 and 3 of the BrickLink designer project will unfortunately have to be patient. Due to the changed sequence of the first round Are relocating Meeting funding for other rounds and next fan projects will not start in September as originally announced.

Once BrickLink announces the news of the next rounds, you will definitely hear from us!

Do you expect a continuous pre-sale start of the PDP round from tonight? Do you want to pre-order your wishlist or have the first round already been completed? Write to us in the comments!