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How To View Instagram Without Ads

If you want to enjoy Instagram without advertising, there is a solution. You need to install the Instagram Lite app. Here’s how to do it.

Instagram generates revenue by placing ads on your news feeds and stories. This is a very standard practice for most free services, but if you do not like the ads and do not want to see them in your feed, know that you can enjoy the experience. Instagram Without advertising. We explain how.

In fact, Instagram has developed a lite version of its application for emerging markets. The idea is that this lite version of Instagram uses less data and resources on the device. In practice, this is especially true of missing ads.

If you’ve ever searched for Instagram Lite in the Play Store and couldn’t find it, you don’t own it. This is simply because Instagram Lite is not available in all countries and no one knows if the site ever wants to do so. Still, the APK file can be downloaded and installed directly.

What are the differences between Instagram and Instagram Lite?

When it comes to functionality, the two applications are very similar. You can send photos, videos and stories. However, the main difference is the size of the application. Instagram Lite weighs only 2 MB while Instagram is 30 to 80 MB. In addition, Instagram Lite is not compatible with live videos. So you need to switch to this lite version.

How To Download And Install Instagram Lite

  1. Direction APK Mirror Download and install the latest version on your smartphone.
  2. Launch Instagram Lite.
  3. Sign in with your credentials and you’re done.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Instagram Lite not available in my country?

Instagram Lite has been launched in more than 170 countries, but mostly in emerging markets like India. Instagram / Facebook has not publicly announced a possible launch plan in France. The best way is to install the APK file manually if you want to use it.

Is Instagram Lite on iOS?

No. At the moment, Instagram Lite is only offered on Android and there are no announcements available on iOS. So we have to assume that this version will not see the light on Apple brand devices. Other than Facebook Lite, there are no other lite versions of Giant on iOS.

What about the security of APK files?

Downloading and installing the APK file is not a secure thing. However, sites like APK Mirror have settings that verify the legitimacy of the files, but you should always take precautionary measures before installing an application in this way. Even large companies like Google can drop the malware. No system is perfect.