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Audiences One 2022 SE on the CHIP Advent Calendar

Audiences One 2022 SE on the CHIP Advent Calendar

Door 12 on the Download Advent Calendar: Audiels One 2022 SE

Audials One 2022 SE lets you discover new music and download multiple songs.

Image: CHIP

Unlike in the past, you no longer have to rely on radio shows or personal suggestions to find new artists and get their music. With Audiels One 2022 SE you can do research and download songs.

To do this, first enter a band in the search field, for example “The Beatles” or “Billy Elish”. The program then shows an overview with other groups. The larger the field, the more artists will appear. This creates a music network in which you can mark your favorites by right-clicking on the band’s photo.

Below this scene you can see below the best hits of each band and the number of songs sorted by albums, EPs and single releases. You can listen to the song live and save it to your personal playlist wherever the version of the song is on sites like Soundcloud, YouTube or Vimeo. Most likely the video can be downloaded if the uploader allows it. You will get more accurate results when you link your Spotify account with Audials.

Podcasts are also very popular right now. Regardless of whether you are driving or bored in Lockdown – there are countless exciting shows on each topic. The same goes for TV shows.

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