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What can Apple imagine in the first half of 2021?

What can Apple imagine in the first half of 2021?

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Apple closes 2020 with big announcements. In 2021, the iPhone company will surprise you with the revised MacBook and iPod Pro. We briefly outline what Apple can serve us in the first half of the year.

After Apple started the second half of 2020 with many new products like one The new generation iPhone, Updated Apple Watches And his The first MacBooks with their own chips As well as his Introduced in the Over Ear Headphone segment The first half of 2021 will not be less exciting. Because Apple has all kinds of interesting products in the pipeline.

MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches with fast Apple silicone chips

The Mac Mini is a start with Apple’s MacBook Air and M1 chip. (Screenshot: t3n; Apple)

Apple began in November 2020 to equip its Mac portfolio with in-Apple silicon processors and to replace Intel. The entire Mac portfolio transformation must be completed by the end of 2022. As Apple’s chip boss Johnny Sruzi last confirmed in December, the company is working on whole family chips for its Macs that will gradually become more powerful so they can eventually run the Mac Pro as well.

The first half of 2021 will provide the next Max with internal processors, which will have 16 performance and four performance cores. According to Bloomberg, the most powerful MacBook Pro models may be updated first, which may get a new design. In addition, the 13-inch model Against the 14-inch variant Will be replaced.

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Also, Apple may switch from LCD to mini-LED screen technology: it has some advantages over OLED technology. Among other things, it offers energy saving local blur and a great color space. At the same time, there are no regular Old defects like branding. In addition, mini LED displays allow for lighter and thinner components and greater contrast.

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Is the redesigned iMac finally coming?

Time for something new: Apple’s iMac 2012 has had the same design since. (Image: Aple)

The room also has an update for Imax. The all-in-one computer last received a minor processor update in the summer of 2020 – his However, the design is pre-2012. By 2021, Apple will be able to offer a major redesign by switching to its own chips, which will make the thicker frame around the display disappear and the case slimmer.

For months, analyst Ming-Xi Guo’s predictions were that Apple would drop its 21.5-inch model and replace it with a 23- or 24-inch iMac. There are no details about the 27-inch iMac, but it is conceivable that Apple will give this model a larger screen diagonal so that the Pro XDR display matches the 32-inch diagonal. The upgrade of the iMac Pro is expected to take place soon in the second half of 2021 with more powerful processors and GPS.

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IPod Pro with Mini LEDs in March 2021?

Apple iPod Pro (2020)

Apple’s iPad Pro will receive new display technology this year. (Image: Apple)

In addition to the Apple Silicon Mac, you can also expect the new generation iPod Pro. The most expensive iPad models received the last update in March 2020. The release of the next iPod Pro should fall in a similar time window.

Rumor has it that Apple will give its Pro tablets mini LED displays and optionally equip them with 5G to align them with the wireless quality of the iPhone 12 series. The A14X is used as a bionic chip processor. It is said to be a high-performance variant of the A14 Bionic chip built into the iPhone 12 models and the iPod Air4. Apple took a similar approach with its predecessor iPod Pros.

… rope with the 8.5-inch iPod mini

The iPad mini was last updated in 2019 – a new model is expected in 2021. (Image: Apple)

In addition, a newer version of the iPod mini is expected to be released in March Ming-Chi Guo predicts May 2020. The Japanese blog suggests that the update to the smaller mini-tablet should be 8.4 inches diagonal instead of the 7.9-inch display மகோடகர In January. In terms of design, it shouldn’t make big changes like the upcoming iPod mini IPod Air4 Is expected. They say it has a Touch ID button at the bottom of the screen and a lightning bolt.

AirDacs: Apple’s Tracking Gadget will appear in the spring of 2021

Apple AirDacs should look like this. (Mokkab: Macroemers)

Apple’s tracking gadget airstrikes have been expected for months: with this product, Apple will not only help us find our iPhones, iPods, watches and MacBooks, but also other non-Apple products such as bags, purses and more. Should be attached using appropriate accessories such as airtights, cases or key fobs that are not larger than two euro pieces.

The first parts for the airdocks have already been leaked. (Image: Voice; Evleaks)

With a U1 chip on the board, you can find incorrectly placed objects within a few centimeters using the “Where” app. We predict that Apple will show off its airtake as part of the traditional March event.

Airboats 3: New earrings in Pro design with longer operating time

New Airports Pro.  (Photo: t3n)

Third generation airports must have the design of the current Airports Pro. (Photo: t3n)

In the first half of the 21st, Apple will also be releasing a new generation of its popular aircraft. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Curman, the new earrings will have a similar design factor to the Airports Pro. The new model should have a shorter stem than current airboards and come with interchangeable silicone ear pieces for a more comfortable fit.

Despite the design based on the Airboats Pro, Apple is said to be actively suppressing noise on cheap airboats, it is said. Thanks to the new radio chip that can celebrate its premiere on the Airboats 3, battery life should be improved, among other things.

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New Apple TV with gaming center

This year the new generation Apple TV (Photo: Shutterstock)

Another product is the new version of the Apple TV set-top box. However, it is uncertain whether it will be offered in the first or second half of the year. Was the last Nikki Asia Reported on the new generation of Apple TV.

Bloomberg Mark Kurman ConsidersThe new set-top box should have a strong gaming focus – to strengthen the Apple Arcade platform. There is talk of a new remote control and a more powerful processor.

WWDC 2021: First information about iOS 15, MacOS 12 and more

iOS 14 Hands On

The successor to iOS 14 will be announced in June 2021. (Photo: t3n)

At Apple, the first half of 2021 traditionally ends at the WWDC Developer Conference in June. As part of this, Apple will announce new versions and functionality of its operating systems this year. IOS 15, iPados 15, WatchOS 8, TVOS 8, MacOS 12 are included. Specific details about the new features have not been leaked yet. However, this already indicates Any iPhones will receive the update for iOS 15.

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