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The Purple Screen of Death Occupies Video Games, Blake Expands -

The Purple Screen of Death Occupies Video Games, Blake Expands –

There has been a lot of talk about this in recent weeksPurple screen of death“of Traction, Or news that is not directly visible to those who watch live streaming with the enabled ADBlock or directly from the Amazon service site or application. You will definitely meet him on during our live shows. Instead of restricting the moments when this screen appears, Twitch seems to have extended the process of this message, which still appears now Video games This includes one player.

For example, in the latter in the PUBG client “Purple screen of death“Competitive War is one of the most important export events of the Royal Season PUBG Global Invitation on the largest Zumbotron positioned within the game to convey all emotions.

However, instead of watching match sports, they found the players facing unpopular news, which certainly made some sense Reactions Very colorful by the gaming community and we imagine the bluehole as well.

This attempt by Amazon / Twitch will continue to be discussed, however, this contradiction and these own goals may soon become எறிவளைதடு On stage, it destroys the work of many sports groups, but also makes charitable efforts like Tildfey.

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