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Postemobile: The transition to the Vodafone network is near! Date here

Postemobile: The transition to the Vodafone network is near! Date here

Vodafone has won all over and was awarded the contract to offer Post Italian’s mobile phone service network a few months ago.Virtual Operator to use and talk to its users network using the agreement with WindreyWill become Vodafone and will do so soon. The wide network and excellent offer allowed the company led by Aldo Physio to become the new service provider of Postemobile, which today has more than 3 million users.

Postmobile: It will pass under the Vodafone network

In this regard, Postmobile has not yet confirmed the date of the transfer from the WinTray network to Vodafone, but now it seems more and more true that the switch has been fixed for all users by next March 2021. The message comes directly from Vodafone GlobalIn a short paragraph in the document I relatedFinancial results for the third quarter of 2020.

This year we signed total mobile network deals with PostPay and DigiMobile, and will begin transferring these customers to our network in Q4.

In particular, the specified period refers to the financial year of Vodafone, so it corresponds2021 first quarter. For this reason, therefore, the transformation of the postemobile support network will be completedBy next March 2021. Clearly the presentation will be concernedTwo new functions,Both SIM are full customers. No communications have been received yet for the specific date for switching users, but this may be communicated to all consumers, considering that Postemobile has an obligation to deliver the paragraph at least 30 days in advance to usersCome and join us already in the next few days.

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