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The pirate download site is below

Nothing exactly happened with the YggTorrent download site. One that lists tens of thousands of downloads, often illegal, is just a few hours down the line. Isn’t failure a simple maintenance step in the end?

On the site YggTorrent Responds to subscribers who do not have a few hours. Although there is a page that shows the CloudFace system, it helps prevent DDoS attacks on the site, The torrent tracker is inaccessible at this time.

When trying to access the site, the traditional “Checking your browser” message will be displayed. Then nothing. Even when we manage to access the captcha, this is a 522 error, which appears on the screen.

The YggTorrent site is actually in maintenance

Remember YggTorrent Tips torrents that allow you to download movies, music, software, etc. Most trackers of the offer are completely illegal, but is it really necessary to remember that? According to Alexa Internet statistics, YggTorrent is the 35th most visited website.

Last December, YggTorrent changed its address because the service responsible for registering the domain name (the popular registrar) had decided to reduce its funding. If the site is inadvertently affected by blocking French ISPs or part of Google, it does not look like that here.

Users can rest assured: even if the situation fails, or suggests a shutdown or a ban by ISPs, the reason seems to be very simple in the end: The site is currently under maintenance. At least this is the message that can be read on However, no explanation has been given as to the reason for this maintenance, and its duration is short.

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For some time now, YggTorrent has been known Severe recession. More and more users in specialized forums are constantly complaining about slow access to the site. You will have to look this way to find out the reason for this maintenance.