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LizardCube Reveals His Artistic View of the Dangerous Fury Mark of Wolves 2 - Narrator Report

LizardCube Reveals His Artistic View of the Dangerous Fury Mark of Wolves 2 – Narrator Report

The art director of the remake teamed up with illustrator Julian Queen-Yu to design the background Wonder Boy The Dragon Trap And Streets of Rage 4 So used Caro Mark of Wolves This comment was provided by its protagonist Rock Howard As part of a conference Keep it online by the National Library of France. To add to the illusion of a sequel to the SNK game, Ben Fickett borrowed an anonymous fighter. Actual product charts for the sequel Never seen daylight on SNK.

Producer Yasuyuki Oda shared this document in 2016, confirming that he will always be swallowed up by the desire to do this sequel one day. The same Yasuyuki Oda also offers one Wonderful answer For the view of the Lizardcube. “Caro never had a sequel, so would be happy to pick up the LizardCube. If I had to do that, I would do the same as Streets of Rage 4“, Said Ben Fickett during his conference.

For now, SNK’s strengths are focused on growth King XV of the Warriors And the next D.L.C. Samurai Showdown, But the motivation shown by LizardCube and the success of the studio’s previous games will not give some ideas, who knows. Ben Fickett confirms work on current LizardCube projects “On the streets of Rage 4 DLC“And hope”Do something cool, well-animated and in 2D“For its next project. The Lizard Cube may even land on an original project rather than a new commission, at least not because the studio feels it.”A little quiet“After business success Streets of Rage 4.

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