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The Nintendo Switch now supports Bluetooth headphones

The Nintendo Switch now supports Bluetooth headphones


With the system update for the version released today 13.0.0 Surprisingly, for more than four years, Nintendo has provided support for its hybrid console Bluetooth audio devices. As soon as you upgrade the console associated with the update, you will find a new accessory in the options that allow you to connect your console to wireless headphones.

However, there are some restrictions:

  1. It will No microphones This way you still have to look for other ways and means to interact with fellow players.
  2. When using Bluetooth headphones, you can Maximum two wireless controllers Connected to the console.
  3. Bluetooth support is definitely lost in this mode as all the wireless connections of the console are disabled in airplane mode.

We just tried the new functionality and were able to connect two generation models from the JBL brand with a second generation switch without any problems and after a short wait period. Reports from the website To make sure that Apple Airboats did not cause any problems, the console could not find them apparently after several attempts with other devices. In the latter cases it is now impossible to say whether it was a console or a tested device.

More notable features of the system update are its potential Dock der LED-switch Option to turn off the console’s internet connection while waiting for future updates. A way to save a little on the console’s battery when you’re out.

Additionally, the functionality for reviewing analog sticks has been modified in the options, and you can now check the console’s web settings to see if the device is transmitting and receiving WiFi at a frequency of 2.4 or 5 GHz.

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