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Nintendo GameCube

The Nintendo GameCube appeared in Japan 20 years ago today – Endeavor

I 14. September 2001 Nintendo has unveiled a new console in Japan, which is unusual even by today’s standards. Purple cube, based on the memorable name Nintendo GameCube Asks, the successor to the successful Nintendo 64 era and Nintendo’s response to the recently released PlayStation at the time 2. Despite the console generation 21.74 million units were sold Joined the less successful sites of the traditional Japanese company and the era was replaced by the Wii after 5 years, of course there are many titles that fans still remember today.

Then as the release title Luigi’s House Retrieved: He advertised new functions and features such as enhanced graphics or analog trigger button, which did not reappear on the following console generations on the Nintendo console. Attractive titles like Nintendo GameCube Birthday Super Mario Sunshine Or The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker, But also games like this Super Smash Brothers Melee Are still popular today. More games like this F-Zero GX Or Metro Prime Celebrated their premiere on the cube-shaped console and are well aged to this day. The birth of the Nintendo GameCube era PigminSeries and similar games Paper Mario: The Legend of the Gate of Eins Or Star Fox Adventures Highlights of the respective brands. Congratulations on the birthday of the purple cube!

Of course, don’t forget the console’s famous opening animation:

What are your best memories with the Nintendo GameCube, and what games and functions did you miss today?