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Change Getty Slot Contacts!

Change Getty Slot Contacts!

With age, the NES cartridge slot may show signs of fatigue. Don’t worry, let’s see together how to make it new in this tutorial!

By Retro Polo,
Sunday, November 8, 2020

Hello everyone, we will see together in this video How to Replace Nintendo NES’s Getty Slot ! Remember, at that time, some manufacturers were selling console slot cleaning tools. They were bullets, whose tongue was replaced by a piece of plastic covered with a cloth, with full purpose Clean the contacts of the NES console.

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This cleaning kit worked on average, but it was before the internet age and Aliexpress! This tutorial will be very useful as it aims to completely transform the cartridges of the NES. For the NES Dijoning tutorial (link given in the video and Here) You do not need knowledge of electronics or soldering.

In fact, the contacts of the NES are simply cut off on the console’s motherboard. In short, the contact clamp system is the same as the one that accommodates the box. It will be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience and a new cartridge slot, which I will give the purchase link in the description.

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