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Very Very Valet

The Nintendo Switch is now available in a very, very wallet

Do you like Valet Parking? What about crazy games? If the answer to both questions is yes Very very wallet Game for you. Announced in December 2020Indy World of Nintendo, This beautiful game is available today Nintendo Switch. The game prepares Toyful LLC Collaborate with Toyful LLC E Nighthawk Interactive.

What will the Muppets do in sports cars? They play Very Very Valet!

Very very wallet An indie game that renews the world Valet Parking, A practice that is not really widespread in our country. This job involves making arrangements to meet the customer, pick up his car and find a parking space for him. Upon completion of his commission, the customer will return the car.

Very very wallet Basically it is: focus on a happy game Valet Parking. The levels are very different and in each of them we will see the objects of different power upgrades and shots that will hinder or help us in our work like fountains and trampolines. Instead the levels provide us with different daily settings, including general parking, i.e. fast food, city public parking, museums and more.

A distinctive feature of the game is the aesthetic style: we have a lot of cartoon graphics that are now fashionable in indie games. Customers are ordinary people of different ages and genders, as well as drivers Valet Parking They are weird and colorful people, they almost seem to come out Muppets. Can all machines be delivered on time and without harm to their owners? We need to find out Very very wallet.

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