Do not make any commitment to it 10:00 a.m. today (Saturday, March 6, 2021), because our new episode will always air on time Gamesvillage talk. Where is it? Obviously everything will be our way canale Twitch. Today’s topics are more interesting than ever!

In fact, we will give enough space to Nintendo and its three most important and long-term owners, namely Mario, The Legend of Zelda e Pokemon. The second argument will focus instead Many digital events It awaits us between spring and summer, Including E3 2021. In today’s episode of Gamesvillage talk there will always be keeping you company Dominico de Rosa, Matteo Sergio and Salvador Cardon, But we are also waiting for our readers and viewers to be able to participate in the episode, comment and intervene via channel chat. We are waiting for you in many, do not miss it!

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