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The Nintendo Switch is challenging in green

The Nintendo Switch is challenging in green

Of some gases Nintendo Live less disturbing than expected, Which includes both KO Stroke and small projects missing, but they all need to be found, no doubt The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD, Splatoon 3, Project Triangle and Mario Golf Super Rush, Coming next June 25th.

This will be the sixth topic in a series of historically successful games dedicated to camelot software planning: the first chapter from 2014 to today (you can find our here Mario Golf World Tour Review For the Nintendo 3DS), which reappears due to a lack of lasting home consoles until 2003, when it was released on the Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour GameCube.

Everyone in green!

The Happy Mushroom Kingdom Regiment seems to be targeting the Big N One to return to the golf courses. Rather sober and realistic style, Setting aside the tracks found in the last episode of Saga. From the presentation trailer, in fact, you can see the fields immersed in the spoiled nature, without the usual piranha plants, cannons or other quirks in Super Mario style.

Although this is still a topic in development – it should be emphasized that it was not really known until a few hours ago! – On a technical level the Mario Golf Super Rush doesn’t have that twist Nintendo products are usually accustomed to us, certainly not excited with the polygonal mass, slightly compact structure and generally humble air. Hopefully the months separating us from the release will help further electrify the visual aspect of the game, which will require extra effort to notice as it deserves.

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As for the controls, if it seems to conform to the norms of the Mario Golf Super Rush series, the real-time information will be useful for studying the terrain, considering the wind and preparing the scenes in the best possible way, in the unexpected novelty lie Support for motion control, however, is completely optional. For a surprising return to the dynamics of the Ni Special era, the Nintendo Switch Joy-con should be treated like a golf club performing a characteristic oscillating movement in real life. One feature that attracts the most banal and perhaps the youngest user, is certainly the most sensitive to the idea of ​​a very lively and impressive experience.

A pinch of healthy Mariski madness

In purely playful terms, there are two molecules that make Mario Golf Super Rush stand out at the moment: First A new system based on speed golf, speed and power-ups. You compete in multiplayer, with up to a maximum of four players indoors and online, each playing non-stop in real time, without waiting for each other’s shots. On the contrary, the idea is precise First go to the hole and introduce a time dynamic For the formula of a game commonly known for quiet and soothing rhythms. On the field you will find a bonus in the style of Pure Mario Kart, which is designed to add spice and mitigate the normal course of racing between super shots, lightning fast speeds and jumps.

It will also reappear in Super Rush Story format, In this case echoing from the past: your rise as an amateur golfer to Super Pro will actually take place in the role of Mii, amidst the challenges with the iconic characters of the Marisk Empire and a RPG-style writing improvement system. The experience accumulated in specific training sessions and competitions will then be distributed in a special menu so that you can develop your game of golf as desired. Consider how the same mi can be used in multiplayer to compete with the first person against Yoshi, Peach and Valuki.

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