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The new standard for Japanese roll-flaming games on next-generation consoles

The new standard for Japanese roll-flaming games on next-generation consoles

From The final fantasy To Dragon Quest Passes Fire symbol Where The secret of the mind, The Japanese roll-flaming game, or J-RPG, is a real hit in the world in general and in France in particular. Rafael Lucas, author of “The More Linear Story, the More Developed Characters” Jaffna History: Past, Present and Future (Pix’n love), in the end Final Fantasy XV. But today, above all the aesthetics and tone of the story really make a difference. ”

Probably less known but with a dozen iterations, the owner Stories Meets this definition exactly. Last chapter, Stories that arose, The series was supposed to be released in 2020 for 25 years, but was postponed due to Kovit and coming out in early September to make better use of the next generation.

A universe full of fights and characters

For 300 years, the celestial body Dhana has been living under the yoke of his twin sister Reena, who enslaved its people and plundered its natural resources. Alban, the Iron Masked Oblivion Warrior, and Zion, a young escapee with strange powers, lead the rebellion and change the fate of the two worlds. If the pitch Stories that arose It’s a classic, even a clichHeroic imagination, The story gradually reveals a real wealth of characters, intrigues and emotions and reflections. Thus the player is invited to dream of other places to the extent of questioning his world.

Stories that arose Thanks for his dynamic and fascinating fights – and combinations – (who said confusing?). However, he is not afraid to chain cut scenes and dialogues for greater immersion in the universe and empathy for the characters. ‘S fans Person Will appreciate. Others have to take their hardships a little more patiently, or be able to enjoy graphics that do justice to the next class, thanks to “Atmospheric Shader” technology and its Japanese rendering.

A remake of Final Fantasy VII At the end of its life on the PS4 and new FF XVI, Dragon Quest XII and Person 6 Announced but not for a few years, Stories that arose The next gen stands alone as an essential J-RPG.
One million copies Sold out in a week in the world, it is already the best-selling game of the series.

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