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The new patch weakens the 9369 rat

The new patch weakens the 9369 rat

From Maurice Rifling
The stems have a clear nerf with patch 9369 for Age of Empires 4. Most recently, medieval siege and artillery dominated the competitive game in multiplayer. In the future, the units will assume the role of the intended first in support of the battlefield.

Another update to Age of Empires 4, among other things, takes the balance of the strategy game. In particular, there is sometimes a nerf for the more recent more powerful rods that dominate the game mainly in competitive multiplayer battles.

The most decisive element in medieval siege and artillery games and basically meta. For the most part, it was more or less the same: those who could produce their own and more stems were determined to succeed. And it is not uncommon for Rutton to have high numbers in the multiplayer rankings.

Patch 9369 Reduces the rods that support weapons in battle to their intended function. Production costs have been increased, damage and operating speed have been reduced. More precisely, after the upgrade Rutten now priced at 250 gold and 250 trees – previously 200 gold and per unit of wood. Damage is usually halved from 60 to 30, and only against siege sections the stems now face significantly more damage with 90 damage. Previously, these caused only 20 damages to this type of unit. With an operating speed of 3.75 (previously 4.0), Rutton is now a bit slow on the battlefield.

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Microsoft has previously released a more comprehensive balance update with the Patch 8324. However, this did not excite every player. There was a lot of dissatisfaction within the community that some known issues and construction sites were left with the renovation and the new connection areas had to be tackled to calm the mood down a bit.

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