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Android: Quickly uninstall these eight dangerous applications for your bank account

Android: Quickly uninstall these eight dangerous applications for your bank account

The Joker malware has been rediscovered in eight applications found in the Google Play Store, according to a new report from the Quick Healing Safety Labs. The Joker is known for its ability to sneak into a user’s device through an app before stealing data.

Android users, be careful. The Joker virus is not new and has already claimed a significant number of victims. Unfortunately, this number could increase as its authors were able to hide it in the eight apps available on the Play Store.

Only cyber security researchers in the Quick Cure security lab found traces of the Joker malware within these applications.

Which applications are affected?

  • Supporting message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free Gamescanner
  • Super news
  • Element scanner
  • Go to News
  • Travel wallpapers
  • Super SMS

What operating system?

Despite the security measures provided by Google within the Play Store, active since 2017, the Joker malware continues to be talked about. Once used on a smartphone, it will do everything to recover the bank data of its victims, but will also allow subscribers to intercept authentication codes for various services by retrieving SMS, emails and other notifications.

Once the infected application is installed on a device, the virus spreads through its system to gain control. Thus he will visit the websites that offer paid services and service confirmation SMS.

Joker subscription payments are often unfortunately too expensive for victims to be unaware of. In addition to accessing SMS, he can also access victims’ emails, which allows them to intercept more authentication codes. He can also try to access the bank accounts of the victims.

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Google Reaction (s)

The US agent was quick to remove the infected apps, but they may still be on your smartphone. That is why You must delete them manually, not just by deleting their icon.

Some tips

To avoid having to, download apps that you firmly believe are trusted by developers and publishers. If in doubt about an application, it is especially recommended to look at its description sheet, but to see who the developer is and if he provides other applications that are already known and well appreciated, check the comments of the application. (One word of fame is not enough).

Do not hesitate to take a short tour of the web by searching for the name of the app to see if it is mentioned with positive feedback.