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Before joining CSA, Hatobi takes on the graduated response against P2P

Before joining CSA, Hatobi takes on the graduated response against P2P

The Hatobi Die Soon, Long Live Arkham! The High Authority for the Protection of Internet Rights, created in pain in 2009, will be merged with the CSA at Arcom (Regulatory Authority for Audio and Digital Communications) on January 1st. Name change, but no work: Implementing a degree response to protecting holders and scaring away vicious pirates who adhere to illegal content is still a question.

2015/2016 Activity Report. Credit: Hatobi.

Since its first launch in October 2010, Hatobi has sent out 13 million alerts. The authority recalls in its annual report an “education” phase with two recommendations before initiating legal action. ” At each stage of the process, approximately 75% of subscribers receive one or the other referral, which is not repeated for the next six and twelve months, respectively. “. Comfort to see that gender fear still works!

Nevertheless, for the useless people who do not want to hear anything (or protect their internet access), Hatobi sent 6,994 files to the lawsuit. 517 criminal answers were given; By 2021, the average fine will be 290 euros or 20 euros more than last year. NextInpact, The report summarizes, with a maximum fine of € 1,500 per subscriber.

Hatobi is pleased to participate in the decline of illegal download practices: ” In approximately ten years, between 2009 and 2020, these practices have dropped by more than 60% 2, ensures high power. This is true, but the rise of streaming sites (legal or illegal) has also played a major role in weakening P2P. More than 8 million Internet users in 2009 and 3 million more Internet users, according to the organization.

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The commission, which is certainly the biggest hit of the study, estimates that 8.3 million people are involved in illegal streaming, while live downloads are about 5.6 million Internet users. Statistics that could increase the fragmented view of streaming services, which (again) could push those who could not financially subscribe to all sites into the hands of piracy.