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The new Italian map of Malevendo seems to have been postponed - Nert 4.Life

The new Italian map of Malevendo seems to have been postponed – Nert 4.Life

Overwatch Must have one New map Screened on the test server on July 22nd, it should have been Malevendo, A new organization inspired by Italy, will be released to the public on August 17th.

At least these days it has been leaked because the blizzard has officially canceled the whole thing Postpones startup Waiting for probably the most optimal moment, on the map of the new Malevo. The reason for this can be found in the recent California state lawsuit against the Activision blizzard, which has been accused of discriminating against women.

The case has caused widespread controversy, with some newspapers urging the company to ignore the games and apologize to the former CEO. Given the silence that characterizes the social media of the Activision blizzard these days, it is clear that this is not the right time to launch an important innovation for the overwatch, so it will be postponed to a specific date.

Overwatch, Map of Malevo is inspired by Italian landscapes

“Fantastic map set in an Italian mountain range with very attractive views that expand as far as the eye can see”, a Description The blizzard was later canceled. “In the center of the new location is a secret Dolon site that soldiers will fight around.”

The new area has a series of narrow corridors and open areas, so there are a wide range of alternatives to the short-distance battle with others, all under the Italian-style sunlight character provided by the scenery.