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The new iPhone update is here: that's why it's important

The new iPhone update is here: that’s why it’s important

The iOS 14.4 update was released yesterday evening. Very useful for quick installation security. […]


iOS is usually very cautious about updates – and even if there are, they do not push themselves to the start screen, like this: Here I am, install it myself. Therefore, it is often a coincidence that the average user sees new updates to their operating system. Cupertino brought iOS 14.4 to devices yesterday. The approximately 350MB update brings some minor innovations – for example, devices connected to the iPhone via Bluetooth are classified into device types (such as headphones, smartwatches, etc.). On the other hand, the new gym for fitness + subscribers is supported and advertised in relation to the Apple Watch. On the other hand, the car size issue and the chip issue with the Homepot Mini should now be resolved.

Most likely, iOS 14.4 is a security update. Apple reports three important security vulnerabilities, In the kernel and on the webkit. These are rights that can be assigned to third parties.

How to get the update:

  1. Open System settings
  2. Click General And above Software update
  3. If an update is found, click Download and install
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