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Lost - Nert 4. Lost Haven announced by Life Developers

Lost – Nert 4. Lost Haven announced by Life Developers

Patora: Lost Haven The new plan of the Italians Storm game, Named for both remote made Announced For PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. It is a non-linear story action RPG with a sci-fi structure that mixes hack & slash dynamics with dual-stick shooter dynamics.

The page is already open Steam We can draw many interesting details of the story behind the game:

Avril was an ordinary 16-year-old girl, until at least one catastrophe devastated the earth and destroyed everything she had. Now the fate of her home planet weighs on her shoulders and she can only save it by making use of the new physical and mental powers given to her.
The choices made during her planetary journey will change the fate of the universe, and Avril will soon have to decide who to trust, discovering that the line between good and evil is thinner than it appears.

We studied Key Features De Patora: Lost Haven:

  • Be careful to find the right balance between the physical and mental life bar to face the challenges and puzzles you face along the physical / mental D path: If even one person runs out, you will be defeated!
  • Defender or Warrior? Choose whether to use intelligence or brutal force in your interactions with different sections of each planet – decide how to shape your story when you reach your goals, but be careful, the consequences can be far more devastating than you think.
  • Fast Multilevel Combat System Learn to Manipulate Physical and Mental Systems: Completing Binary Kinetics is the only way to pursue your opponents!
  • Visualize your eyes on the graphics inspired by the science fiction of Visual Retro SCI-FI 1950 1950 – you will visit the planets with breathtaking settings and get a chance to interact with the most fascinating creatures of the universe!
  • NON LINEAR RESPONSIVE NARRATIVE → Your choices will change the fate of the universe and the creatures that live in it. Can you bear the weight of your conscience? Discover all the possible outcomes of the story created by the Writers Guild Award winner!
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Here are some pictures of Patora:

Patora Lost Heaven13

Patora Lost Heaven12

Patora Lost Heaven11

Patora Lost Heaven10

Patora Lost Heaven09

Patora Lost Heaven08

Patora Lost Heaven07

Patora Lost Heaven15

Finally, let’s watch the announcement trailer: