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Indicates the Taiwan store release date

Indicates the Taiwan store release date

Raguten Taiwan store managers were elected Alan Wake Remaster Between the pages of their digital store, in doing so, they even mention the expected re-release of the remade action adventure on the PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Alan Wake Remastered Pre-Order Cards Report Raguten Taiwan Origin Wario64, Now a popular Twitter user, announced that he saw it in June this year Database De Epic Store de Final Fantasy 7 Remake And the same updated version of the horror adventure created by Atonement under the volcano Sam Lake.

To hear the rumors of the Taiwanese store, Alan Wake is scheduled to take place on the release of the remaster Tuesday, October 5th, On this and last generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Initially, the rumor also included a PC version but no feedback was provided on the Asian store pages.

Rakuten Taiwan’s anticipation, as can be easily predicted, rekindles society’s confidence in the recovery of this important intellectual property.The function of nostalgia In terms of reparation by starting the as yet unannounced restoration of the first chapter, above all, The development of the rumored Alan Wake 2 with epic.

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