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The Elder Scrolls will become a TV series on Netflix

The Elder Scrolls will become a TV series on Netflix

Last July Bethesda Software Expressed his Collaborate with Amazon to create a shower-based TV series, But it seems that this will not be the only right to receive a TV adaptation, according to CNBC insider and author Daniel Richtmann (who has already proven to be reliable in the past) Software House is also planning a series Senior scrolls, But Netflix in this case.

The series has been well-known by fans for many years, although it has received a high-speed cycle since the release of its fifth episode: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Her world was then more open than ever The Elder Scrolls Online, Which was recently receivedExpansion Margard, And does not boast of fellow MMORPGs Final Fantasy XIV, Maintains more than fans follow.

It is undoubtedly a series of important and significant events that mark its history, so it would be most appropriate for this type of adaptation; Probably even in the intriguing view Senior Coils VI (Although Bethesda has got its hands on release times).

The Elder Scrolls Online: Marcard

Then Fort e The Witcher, And the already announced series Citizen Evil e Killer belief, Seems to show no signs of stopping the trend of bringing video game adventures on streaming channels. Let’s see if Bethesda really wants to trust two different sites of course in its most historic and important IPs.

Some rumors are talking about a $ 150 million budget that Netflix will be willing to invest in the first season; For the completeness of the perspective, The Witcher series should be considered to have received about 80 million. Apparently all of this should go with proverbs only as a result of rumors, nothing has been publicly announced by Bethesda or Netflix, so we are waiting for a possible announcement.

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