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The Monster Hunter Rice demo will be available tomorrow at the Nintendo iShop

Capcom is making its debut Monster Hunter Rise Nintendo is coming to the switch. To convince you more, a demo will be available for those interested in the coming hours.

From January 8, 2021, tomorrow, you can download the demo Monster Hunter Rise By logging into the Nintendo ESHAP with your switch. For free, this demo allows you to discover this new blockbuster in a universe that is admired by many players. This demo includes the following:

  • Training – A reminder of the basics of hunting monsters, including the introduction of new dynamics introduced by Philoptera and how to drive Chomsky. Individual play only, unlimited access.
  • Wyvern ride – Players can enter the arena to enjoy the new feature Wyvern Ride that allows hunters to ride and control monsters for a limited time. Individual play only, unlimited access.
  • Quest For starters: Grand Ischi – New players or hunters need a little advanced study. Uses single player and local / online multiplayer *, up to a maximum of 30.
  • Advanced search : Mitsudzun – Serious challenge only for experienced players. Uses single player and local / online multiplayer *, up to a maximum of 30.

This demo is only available until January 31st. So if you want to see it, don’t wait too long.

In the meantime, new pictures and videos are below here.

Monster Hunter Rise Available on March 26, 2021 in Switzerland.