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Nintendo Switch players can sigh with relief: Annoying problem apparently removed

Nintendo Switch players can sigh with relief: Annoying problem apparently removed

Nintendo Switch Joy-con controllers often suffer from wear and tear.

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Hard-working Nintendo Switch gamers are aware of the problem – the so-called “joy-con-drift”. However, according to the developers, the shortage can now be resolved.

When using the Nintendo Switch * for a long time, gamers often encounter “joy-con-drift”. This means wear and tear on the thumb, which ensures it moves even when you are asleep. This drawback, for example, makes it difficult to stand still while trying to run the menu. This is an annoying problem for most players. Now developers Ko Shioda and Doru Yamashita are raising hopes that this could be history in the future.

Nintendo Switch: Joy-con controllers have been upgraded according to the developer

According to the developers, depreciation on Joy-Cons is inevitable. However, analog sticks have been constantly being improved over the past few years Long shelf life Anxiety. For this purpose, the sticks were subjected to a wear test in which the stick was rotated under a constant load. Domestically, testing processes have also been improved to extend the shelf life of Joy-Cons: “Parts of Joy-Con analog sticks are not something you can buy off the shelf, but they are specially made,” Yamashita emphasizes.

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The decisive factor here is that A combination of different ingredients: A lot of research has been done to find out which products are compatible with each other – this knowledge was immediately integrated with the Joy controllers: “As soon as the effects of our improvements were confirmed we built them into Joy-con controllers. Yamashita said.

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For players who have purchased a new Nintendo Switch, this means: All current models – including the latest ones with a larger OLED screen – are provided with the latest versions of the controllers. Separately available Joy-Con controllers and Nintendo Switch Pro controllers are currently offered. According to the developer, the adjustment is not visible from the outside. It remains to be seen whether the latest improvements are really enough.

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Joy-Khan drift: a long-standing problem

Defective Joy-Cons has long been a red cloth for the Nintendo Switch community. Earlier this year, the European Consumers Association (BEUC) also became involved in the matter and submitted it to the EU Commission. Complain on Nintendo As a The report accused the BEUC of being “prematurely out of date” because in more than 88 percent of cases, the Joy-Khan skid occurs within two years. (fk) * is a privilege IPPEN.MEDIA.