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La cornée artificielle CorNeat KPro peut être implantée en moins d’une heure. © CorNeat Vision

The man regains vision with the artificial cornea

The 78-year-old is thankful for the new, fully artificial cornea. It was created by an Israeli company and can restore vision to millions of people.

In a process that can give hope to many Visually impaired, A 78-year-old man regained his sight after being fitted with an artificial cornea. This is the work of an Israeli company called Capro Cornet view And discovered by Dr. Glad Litwin. It is quick to apply and does not require any donor tissue. The patient immediately returned to sight Bandages Removed, and was able to identify loved ones and read the numbers on the board.

The cornea is the exposed partEye This includesIris, And may be damaged, which can lead to blindness. It is often treated with a Paste Cornea, or keratoplasty, requires corneal donation. According to a recent study, there is only one corneal global deficiency for every 70 needed. It is Artificial corneas, But surgery is complex and always depends on tissue donation.

The company shows how the CorNeat KPro artificial cornea is fitted. © Cornet view

Rapid healing

This is new Implantation Completely synthetic. Conjunctivitis The cornea is separated from the sclera (white of the eye) before removal. The seams are made, and then the cornice capro is placed and secured with formulas. The conjunctiva is then placed back on the collar of the artificial cornea. According to Cornett, The Subject Facilities used Healing, And the implant is integrated into the tissues within a few weeks.

Further operations are planned, with a total of ten patients awaiting implantation in Israel, and 6 more awaiting approval in France, the United States and the Netherlands. There are patients who are unable to get these early tests Corneal replacement Or whose function has already failed.

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