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Members of the Kwalee team before lockdown.

The Leamington video games developer has had more than half a billion downloads in the last two years

Ninety percent of these downloads have taken place over the past two years.

The company has grown to more than 100 employees and after a strong year of launching successful games including Back It, Line Up: Traman The Criminal, Let’s Be Cops 3D, Teacher Simulator and Blade Ford 3D, Quali’s 500 Million Levels are the world’s leading mobile game publishers.

Underlining the incredible level of Quali’s games, the latest releases Let’s Cops 3D and Teacher Simulator have consistently featured each other in the top 5 most downloaded iOS games in the US since their launch in October and November, respectively.

Members of the Quali team before locking up.
Members of the Quali team before locking up.

Headquartered in Leamington, with emerging teams in Bangalore, India and China in Beijing, Qawali CEO, Founder and Sports Industry legend David Darling led the CBE.

David is said to have previously acquired a company called Godmasters for $ 1 billion, so his record in this field is beyond question. He recently won the Best Leadership Award at the 2020 Tika Awards.

Quali has established itself as a leading developer and publisher of hyper-casual games – the style of mobile games is defined by their accessibility and designed to play in short bursts – and this half billion milestone is its final confirmation.

Selection of Quali Game Icons.

The list of Quali’s diverse publications was developed locally and by brilliant third-party developers of all sizes, each with equal commitment and investment. The company always strives to enter into partnerships with developers and provide them with real support and training in all aspects of their games from game design to monetization.

In terms of internal growth, most of the Quali wins start with a pitch on ‘Creative Wednesdays’, which is a weekly opportunity for anyone in the company to know their dream game ideas and what things to create.

The formula has driven Quali to 500 million downloads with countless great ideas, and it is a firm belief that it will take the company to a billion and beyond.

“Quali was founded with the belief in the power of digital distribution and excellent digital marketing, which inspires games to a large global audience,” said CEO David Darling. “It’s not something that can be accomplished overnight, but achieving half a billion downloads by sticking to these policies is a very proud moment for all of us.

“Our approach to launching hit games has always been refined. We are always getting better. We are already setting our views at a billion.”

Quali is always looking for new developers to collaborate with and new games to release, and developers can find more information here: There are more than 50 vacancies in Quali across the UK, India and China, and there are even remote opportunities, you can find out more here: