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A swarm of 3,281 drones breaks all records in the skies of Shanghai

A swarm of 3,281 drones breaks all records in the skies of Shanghai

The auto brand Genesis enters the record books using 3,281 drones to display its logo and advertise in the sky via Shanghai, China.

It’s been years Swarm Hundreds of synchronized drones are used to create impressive light shots. It has become a competition to achieve the record of managing to fly as many drones as possible together. This type of competition is more common in China.

Damoda Intelligence Control Technology of the last recorded Shenzhen, in other words, the Silicon Valley of China. They synchronized 3,051 drones last September. The previous record deployed 2,200 drones in Russia. March 29, 3.281 Drones It formed one in the Shanghai sky of China to display the logo of the automaker Genesis, a subsidiary of Hyundai. Approved registration Guinness.

A large animated icon of the Genesis, an automobile brand with 3,281 drones, flew over Shanghai, China late last month. © Genesis

Who says better?

Historically, it was founder Intel who carried out this massive mass adventure in California in 2018, with 2,066 drones dancing light shows. More than technology Drones Their number, in addition to aerial dancing, is the power of the mechanism to manage the space between planes and their proper coordination in this three-dimensional space to avoid collisions.

Each Registration, Brands are always going for more extravagance, no doubt taking traditional crackers with their dangers and their greater quantity in the future.

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